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Too short and too cold

I'm watching my plane arriving from Chicago to get all of us going back there on it, a little remorseful that I couldn't spend more time in Seattle. I last visited in 2013 to watch the Cubs hold their own against the Mariners for 9 whole innings, only to lose with no outs in the bottom of the 10th. On that June day Seattle had sunny 30°C weather. This morning we had sunny weather, I'll give it that:

But warm? No. In the 38 hours of my trip it only got above -6°C once I got to the airport to go home.

I'll be back this spring. I'll even stay longer than two days.

Meanwhile, Cassio got to play a Casio. I hope she's doing her finger exercises:

I look forward to a recital when I get home in a few hours.

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  • David Harper

    1/15/2024 7:09:17 AM +00:00 |

    Be sure to visit the Space Needle on your next trip to Seattle.  If you and your friend can book dinner there, do that too.  The view from the revolving restaurant is quite spectacular, especially around sunset.

  • The Daily Parker

    1/21/2024 7:42:51 PM +00:00 |

    I walked past it twice, but (a) I had my friend's car, which she needed back after her meeting; and (b) it was *really really cold*. Yes, in the spring or summer, we'll go.

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