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Record temperatures

Chicago hit 28.3°C yesterday afternoon, breaking the record of 27.7°C set in 1887 and tied in 1941:

The new high mark lasted for at least three hours Thursday and towered above typical temperatures for mid-April, weather service data showed.

Standard April 13 high marks average 15°C, with lows usually [just above freezing].

But despite summer warmth waiting in the wings, the beach-worthy weather is poised to soon go away, if only temporarily, as another system brings cooler weather to Chicago.

Despite the chilly change, warmth-loving Chicagoans have little to complain about this year. Temperatures were 2.1°C above normal throughout the winter months, another National Weather Service meteorologist told the Tribune last week.

I can't remember turning on the air conditioning this early before, at least not in Chicago. (I've spent time in Richmond, Va., and Houston, Texas before.)

It all goes away tomorrow night, though. Pity.

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