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Daring rescue attempt in Buffalo

Via reporter Stephen Watson, the US Coast Guard attempted a daring rescue from a car stuck less than 100 meters from the American Falls in the Niagara River—which unfortunately became a daring recovery:

The harrowing effort by a Coast Guard diver to reach an occupied vehicle caught in the churning Niagara River just 50 yards from the brink of the American Falls drew international notice Wednesday.

The rescue attempt ended with the somber news that the woman in the vehicle was already dead before the diver was lowered by helicopter to the vehicle, opened the passenger door, pulled her out and lifted her to shore.

The vehicle drifted downriver until it became lodged in the riverbed, about 10 yards or so from the mainland shore and about 50 yards upstream from the precipice of the American Falls.

The vehicle, a black sedan, faced toward the bridges while its rear end was pointed toward the falls with its trunk open. The river currents washed up over the front windshield, while water rushing by the sides reached halfway up the doors.

The article has video. The USCG doesn't get nearly enough credit in general, but they earned this one.

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