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Unhappy doggy

Cassie went to the vet this morning for the wellness check required by (and paid for) by the shelter I adopted her from. The vet took a look at the incision site for her spay surgery, which Cassie has been licking frequently. You can see what's coming:

She is not taking it well:

She looks so sad, I can't stand it. But if her spay incision gets infected, she'll need a cone a lot longer than 10 days.

Poor dog. I'll make sure she gets extra cuddle time tonight.

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  • David Harper

    3/25/2021 8:10:50 AM +00:00 |

    Poor Cassie!  There's a company named Suitical which makes full-body surgical recovery suits for dogs and cats as an alternative to the Cone of Shame.  I know of them because they are used by Kitten Academy, a momcat-and-kittens fostering outfit in Connecticut whose YouTube channel I follow.  When the momcats have their spay surgery, they are put into a Suitical suit to stop them licking or biting their stitches.  The suits are decorated with camouflage patterns, so they are referred to as "secret agent suits" at the Academy.

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