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Sure Happy It's Thursday

So many things to read at lunchtime today:

Finally, a year ago today I made some predictions about what could happen in the 2020 election. Turns out, "Option C" is true, and we're still waiting to see on a few others.

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  • David Harper

    12/3/2020 6:55:17 PM +00:00 |

    An eruption of Mount Rainier would be bad news for Seattle, but the entire Pacific Northwest coast faces a much greater risk from a magnitude 9 earthquake in the Cascadia subduction zone, according to the book "Full-Rip 9.0" by Sandi Doughton.

  • The Daily Parker

    12/3/2020 10:48:56 PM +00:00 |

    Yes, a 9.0 earthquake gives everyone a bad day. But a few billion tonnes of mud flowing into hydroelectric dams up and down the Columbia River is much more likely and just as bad.

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