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Because who needs cyber security, anyway?

Lawyer Paul Rosensweig and national security analyst Megan Reiss think John Bolton getting rid of the "cyber czar" position is "a magnificent idea:"

Bolton is completely correct that there is no need for any coordinationbetween the various federal agencies on this issue. Cybersecurity is not a cross-cutting problem that affects all sorts of equities. We have no concerns that eliminating this position will result in conflicting mission imperatives. We have every confidence that the National Security Agency, for example, can work out vulnerability disclosure equities without the need for input from the Departments of Commerce, Justice or Homeland Security (much less Treasury or State).

We also are confident that the decision accurately reflects the diminished importance of cybersecurity as a national issue. Cybersecurity is no longer deserving of the prominence that so many national security experts seem to give it. We fully expect the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to eliminate the cybersecurity menace from its annual threat assessment. We are confident that the trend lines for cyber threats and intrusions are down.

Didn't we already know John Bolton was incompetent

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  • David Harper

    5/18/2018 5:26:16 AM +00:00 |

    Rosensweig and Reiss ratchet up the burning sarcasm in the paragraph following your excerpt:

    "We are also certain that last year’s Equifax breach set the high-water mark for cybercrime. Hence, there is simply no need for the White House, or America in general, to continue to worry about the vulnerability of critical infrastructure networks. We are pleased to think that the hardware intrusion problem no longer justifies national coordination, and we have unwavering confidence that the Department of Education is well-positioned to take the lead on cybersecurity education initiatives."

  • The Daily Parker

    5/18/2018 12:40:16 PM +00:00 |

    As Tom Lehrer once said, "I'm beginning to feel like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis."

  • Jason Thompson

    5/22/2018 1:07:13 AM +00:00 |

    "Cybersecurity is no longer deserving of the prominence that so many national security experts seem to give it." This quote is utterly ridiculous. If cybersecurity were no longer deserving of the prominence that so many national security experts give it then why in the world are there so many cybersecurity job openings. Just look at for instance. The private sector seems to get the importance and the public sector is slow to adapt as always even at the risk of our personal and private information being exposed. Thanks for sharing!

  • The Daily Parker

    5/22/2018 1:08:10 AM +00:00 |

    @Jason, I think you may have missed the irony here. You may want to take another look.

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