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St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

Oh, you crazy kids. This is a short list of what happened Saturday afternoon and evening in the area around Wrigley Field:

1:26PM — Dust off the ambulance. We have a female unconscious outside of Sluggers World Class Sports Bar, 3540 N Clark.

2:16PM — Callers at Addison and Halsted report seeing a man with a gun in his pocket. He is the first of many persons who will be described as wearing green clothing.

11:26PM — Recommendation: Don’t drink on the public way. Especially in front of the police station. Citation issued. 850 W Addison.

1:50AM — Hey! Remember that car that the police were impounding at Addison and Sheffield? Yeah, well, two women got into it and drove away. They've been caught and arrested at Belmont and Sheffield.

For all that, this year arrests and ambulance calls were way down from years past. Come on, Millennials, you're slacking.

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