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Five Thousandth Post

The Daily Parker v3.1 is here. We have officially launched on BlogEngine.NET. And this is the 5,000th post since May 1998 (but only the 4,804th since November 2005, when the blog launched independently of

I've maintained a pretty consistent posting rate since finishing my MBA in December 2010. Posting nearly every day is how you get to 5,000 entries:

There are still a number of bugs, but nothing really horrible except for the Production instance not being able to properly respond to old URLs. I spent a good bit of time making that work; it works in Development and on my own laptop; it's really annoying.

Enjoy the new Daily Parker. I'm sure I have another 5,000 entries in me. Stay tuned.

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  • David

    10/16/2015 10:25:25 PM +00:00 |

    And hey, comments work too. And ratings. Enjoy.

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