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Agriturismo La Fonte di Mariella

After Venice, we stayed here, way up in the hills above Gravedona on Lake Como:

It was gorgeous, and Mariella was a gracious and lovely host. Just one thing, though. It's 825 m up in the foothills of the Alps, reachable on a winding road with 6 km of switchbacks, ending at this driveway:

In this car:

We named the little guy Boba Fiat. It's not one of those high-powered North American models; no, it's a 0.9-liter European model that took four attempts to get up the Agriturismo's driveway the first time. (The trick turned out to be revving the engine up to 3,000 RPM and sliding the clutch in slowly.)

Boba Fiat got us all over Northern Italy on one tank of petrol, though. That was helpful.

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