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Pausing in Montréal

When I booked this trip, American Airlines insisted (probably because I used miles) that I connect through somewhere, preferably Montréal. They also allowed me to book a 10-hour layover in the city, so, alors, je suis dans un café à la rue St-Antoine. (Click the location bug at the bottom of this post.)

A couple of observations:

  • This trundled by just now: a food truck serving what appears to be fish and chips made with fish that was swimming only a few minutes before being cooked. It seems like a great idea.
  • On the plane I read an article in the Economist's Intelligent Life supplement about Berlin's Stolpersteine. I now have another reason to visit Germany.
  • For only C$9 you can ride all of Montréal's public transit for a day, including an express bus from the airport (cleverly given the route designation 747).

That's it for now. I'm going to wander around France-in-America for a few hours.

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