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Cooled off. Finally.

I got back home last night after spending a week in cool, California coastal weather. Apparently I brought some of it with me:

The return of sunshine this weekend is to send temperatures higher. It's a change which will be noticed given the fact it follows the first back to back below-normal days in over 6 weeks. Saturday's predicted 26°C high represents a 3°C increase from Friday's 24°C reading—and Sunday's 29°C tacks another 2°C on the day's peak reading.

But, while warm and eminently comfortable, the readings predicted Saturday and Sunday are the lowest of any weekend since June 2-3—10 weeks ago!

Yes, we're having the coolest weather in 10 weeks. I opened my windows when I got home, and I will likely keep them open through tomorrow afternoon, which would be the first time since early June I've kept them open for a full day.

It will get warmer this week, unfortunately, but after the warmest July in U.S. history we have to expect a warm August, September, and October.

Today, though, I'm really enjoying the weather.

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