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It is finished.

I have successfully ported my first (existing) application to the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, and have shut down the running instance on my local Web server. I hope the second one takes less than a week.

It's a funny little site called Boxer's Shorts. Dr. Bob Boxer is a local allergist who likes puns. He worked with a local illustrator, Darnell Towns, and self-published the five paperback pun compilations advertised on the site.

Local web designer Lauren Johnson (née Liss) did the look and feel, and I provided the platform. I think we completed the site in two weeks or so. I've hosted it since it went live in September 2006—just a few days after I got Parker, in fact.

And now it's in the cloud, the first Inner Drive site to be ported. From what I learned doing it, I hope to get two more of my older sites deployed to Azure this week.

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