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Davis police chief, cops suspended

After Saturday's PR disaster at UC Davis, the university suspended its police chief and two officers:

UC Davis said early Monday in a news release that it was necessary to place police Chief Annette Spicuzza on administrative leave to restore trust and calm tensions. The school refused to identify the two officers who were place on administrative leave but one was a veteran of many years on the force and the other "fairly new" to the department, Spicuzza earlier told The Associated Press. She would not elaborate further because of the pending probe.

It still baffles me how a cop could so brazenly assault a bunch of kids lie that when he was surrounded by cameras. Forget how wrong his actions were absent the media; I get that some cops have authority problems. But how stupid could this guy be?

On the same thread, notice the university suspended the cops "to restore trust and calm tensions," not because they allege the police used inappropriate force.

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