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Mostly done, except for the trim

As in, the window guys are back today actually to put trim on the windows. Not that the pink fiberglass isn't the height of chic:

I forgot from the first set that I'll have to paint the trim once they get it in there. I have no idea when I'll get around to this. Time to call my guy...

Parker doesn't care about the windows, but he's no fan of the process. When he got home yesterday, he didn't check out the new windows because this scene made him very, very nervous:

I mentioned yesterday that not having windows in my living room caused the Inner Drive Technology International Data Center to complain. See if you can spot when the guys got the windows in their frames:

They have one more window to replace today, which is fortunately in a room with a door that closes, so I don't anticipate sitting at my desk wearing a coat like I did yesterday.

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