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Lost in the weeds

I've got about three hours left on the 8-hour clock for my finance midterm, which is good because I think it will take me only about four hours to finish the last bits. I'm pleased we're learning all the skills required to perform detailed financial analysis at someone else's direction, rather than the skills to direct someone else to do it and to figure out what it means, because it provides a nice break from all that stuff in all our other courses.

After today, we have hardly any work left this term:

  • Strategy case, due Saturday May 29th before class
  • Finance assignment #5, due Monday May 31st
  • Finance assignment #6, due Monday June 7th
  • Finance and Strategy final exams, both due Monday June 14th
  • A 20-page Strategy paper, also due Monday June 14th
  • CCL culture dash video, due Wednesday June 16th
  • CCL business analysis paper, due Thursday June 17th

Our Term 5 books should arrive right around then, along with Term 6 registration, as the rock slides down the mountain again.

At least we're more than halfway done. And I've got the Lost finale tonight. I expect it'll make more sense than finance.

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