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Double bad news for Parker

Poor guy. I got two bits of bad news for Parker.

First, his bad butt has returned again, this time with bad, um, mouth as well. His vet suspects Crypto again, plus whatever else he may have picked up from his foraging in the yard. This time she was pretty direct in her prescription: No unsupervised, off-leash time at all, ever. So Parker will have to have walks with just me instead of going to the park or day camp for a couple of weeks. It also means that I won't just open the back door for him first thing in the morning any more.

Second, even though he's been the office puppy for more than a year now, the building manager told me yesterday Parker isn't allowed in the building any more. This surprised me, as no one has ever complained about him. We're still working this one out; I'll let you know how the appeal goes.

So, today Parker is recuperating at home, and fasting, which he doesn't mind given his morning. Tomorrow he's on rice and "sensitive stomach" dog food.

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