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Today's Daily Parker

Pacifica is quite a ways from the dog park, so I didn't get to play with Parker and the gang this morning. Still, I've puzzled over two phenomena about Parker's play group: first, the preponderance of male dogs whose names end in "-er," and second, that almost all the dogs are either black or yellow. Here's Parker with his friends Boo and Tucker:

(The surprised expression on Boo's face resulted from his mom stomping on his leash.)

The black dogs are all different sizes and shapes. For example, no one would confuse Boo with Tucker:

But the yellow dogs present a problem. Three of them are Labradors of similar sizes, and until Monday all three of them wore blue collars. (Buck, opposite, now has a lighter-color collar with a zig-zag motif.) At any distance greater than one's eyeglasses prescription it's nearly impossible to tell them apart.

In not-quite-unrelated news, today is Sesame Street's 37th birthday.

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