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Biking the way it ought to be

Yesterday I posted that even a bad ride on my new bike is better than a good ride on my old bike. Today I had a good ride on the new bike, and boy, it's a very good thing.

As you can see from my biking stats (at least as of this writing), I set eight personal records today, including one that stood for more than 21 years. There's a stretch of Sheridan Road that has a 14 m (45 ft) drop and a nice, straight, stopsign-free flat after it, where today I got my bike up to 53.4 km/h (33.2 mph), breaking my old record of 52.0 km/h (32.3 mph) set (probably on the same hill) in May 1985.

Yes, I live in a place where a 14-meter drop is the biggest hill around.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with today's ride, and I'm excited about doing 120 km (75 mi) on the Katy Trail next weekend, and then 161 km (100 mi) on the North Shore Century in three weeks. And I promise to have bike photos tomorrow or Tuesday.

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