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Today's Daily Parker

Ordinarily I would not be happy to wake up at 5:15am. Today, however, I was overjoyed, because except for a brief moment around 1:30 when I had to shove Parker's fuzzy butt out of my space (he was laying across the bed almost completely), we both slept through the night.

My hypothesis from yesterday confirmed, I will now spend at least an hour a night running him ragged. It probably helped also that everyone—and I mean, everyone—was at last night's play group: Boo, Scotchie, Hannah, Dexter, Buck, Tucker, Rhea, Tinkerbella, Ross, Finnegan, and the little frumpy dog whose name I can never remember were all there. If Parker's buddies Paris and Brumley had been there, I think we wouldn't have left.

Today's Daily Parker

I love Parker. Who wouldn't? I mean, look at him, sleeping so peacefully:

But last night around 2:30am he was neither peaceful nor adorable. In fact, from 2:30 until about 4:30, he whined, chewed my comforter, squeaked a toy repeatedly, barked at random intervals, and went outside twice—without actually descending the stairs into the yard.

By the way, this is the second night in a row that Parker has confused 2:30 with 6:00. If he does it again tonight, I don't know what I'll do, since killing him seems like a bad option.

Actually, I think he's just anxious. He's in a new place, his routine is all messed up (even though I've dilligently gotten my butt, and his, to the play group every morning at 6:30, including yesterday when it was -16°C outside), and he spends all day sleeping.

I hope against all reason that he gets more comfortable in his new home. Tonight, after the 6pm play group, I think we'll just hang out at home and play. In fact, I think we will play non-stop for three hours, until his little beady eyes are rolling from exhaustion and he collapses in a fuzzy ball at the foot of my bed to sleep, like a puppy, through the entire damned night.

Today's Daily Parker

I apologize for the TDP hiatus, but we had a lot going on over the past week, not least of which was moving. Even though the new place is within 1500 m (0.9 mi) of the old place, Parker has still exhibited a lot of anxiety: whining, pawing, going from peacefully gnawing on a bully stick to running and barking. At least he didn't mark his territory.

When moving with a dog, it's important to make sure he has toys and other familiar items around. Parker has a towel, which he has tailored into a flattering garment:

Once we get settled in I'll resume daily Parker photos. Bear with me for a couple of weeks.

Today's Daily Parker

When I took this photo, Parker weighed just over 10 kg (22 lbs):

He's grown since then, about another 10 kg worth, until last week. Apparently he's leveled off at 21 kg (46 lbs), which makes him a perfectly normal German Rat Beagle:

I thought he would get to 22.5 kg (50 lbs), but maybe not. Regardless, he's just the right size.

Today's Daily Parker

My caption: "October 23. Parker helps with the laundry."

I can only imagine his caption, but I'd bet it would mention a huge pile of chew-toys.