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My proposed new neighbor

Now concluding the massive attack of pithy posts this morning, last night developers unveiled revised plans for the Orrington-Sherman-Church block in Evanston that will preserve the Hahn Building's façade and lower the proposed tower's height to 37 stories:

The proposal, from developers R.D. Horner & Associates and HSA Commercial Real Estate and the architectural firm Daniel P. Coffey and Associates, calls for the developers to rebuild the public plaza at Fountain Square and slip two levels of underground parking for the condominium high-rise under the public plaza.

The developers would demolish the existing Fountain Square building and replace it with a two-story restaurant building that would be topped with an expanded public plaza space, connected to the ground level plaza by an exterior stairway.

The tower would be supported on pillars rising over the landmark Hahn Building at midblock and the tower would be set back 9 to 10 feet from the Hahn Building's street façades and 16 feet from the north property line.

I think this is an improvement over the previous plan. I would be sad to see the Hahn building torn down; the Fountain Square building, on the other hand, is just plain ugly.

New development planned for downtown Evanston

Oh, dear. I can't wait until they start building this, just one block from my office:

Developers went public Thursday with their plan for another race to the sky, this one in downtown Evanston: A proposed condominium tower that would crack the 500-foot barrier and become the tallest building in Chicago's suburbs.
Sure to incite heated debate in a suburb already in the throes of a high-rise building boom, the plan calls for tearing down a two-story retail building on a triangular block bounded by Church Street, Orrington and Sherman Avenues, and replacing it with a sliver-thin, 49-story condominium tower sheathed in glass and metal.

Pity, because the building they're tearing down is actually quite charming. It gets "better:"

The plan also envisions tearing down a 1940s mid-rise office building at the block's south end and replacing it with a low-rise restaurant building whose footprint would be half as large. The developers still have to purchase that property.

I'm torn. I think Evanston has to grow taller, but the old buildings in its downtown are part of its charm.

Peter Sagal on the passing of a legend

I'm just now listening to the podcast of last Saturday's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! Host Peter Sagal had this to say about entertainer Don Ho, who died last week:

Sagal: He also did his patriotic part to populate his home state. He is survived by 10 children, 15 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren.
Adam Felber: Ho, Ho, Ho!
Sagal: I'm sorry, I was just thinking: He had all these diapers...that means dozens of nappy-bottomed Hos.


The sad dog whines in the crate

All right, today I feel really bad for Parker. It's a beautiful day in Chicago, so I left the window open just above his crate. Instead of spending the day sleeping, the poor guy been staring out the window all day. I wish I could take him for a very long walk today but, alas, my client requires my presence 40 km away.

Notice the second image is three hours later:

The good part of this is, he'll probably sleep like a, well, like a dog tonight.

Update, 1:20pm: I believe the caption is, "I want my @%^!! WALK already!":

Update, 1:25pm: Oh, shit.

Final update, 2:25pm: Finally! But Parker feels bad, I feel bad, the dog walker feels bad, and there's a turd on my bedroom floor:

And I'm out here in West Bumble because...well, I'll be thinking about that on the hour-long drive home today.

Link roundup

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And also from reader MB, some bumper stickers we'd like to see:

  • Even Nixon Resigned
  • We Need a President Who's Fluent In At Least One Language
  • The Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century

Today's Daily Parker

All right, I admit, sometimes I really hate Chicago's weather. Parker, who has never experienced a really hot Chicago summer (though he probably experienced some serious heat on the farm near his birthplace in Carbondale, Ill.), seems to enjoy it:

Yes, folks, it's snowing in April. And because it's just above freezing, the snow is heavy, wet, and slushy. Parker took one look out the door this morning and bounded into the yard like...well, like a puppy.

Bad news, P-dogg: no play group tonight. It will be challenge enough to get the mud off you after your evening walk.