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My first prediction of 2018 came true

On January 1st, confronted with the coldest New Year's Day in Chicago history, I predicted that every other day in 2018 would be warmer.

I was right.* Even though the overnight low on January 2nd was just as cold (-23°C) as the night before, the day warmed up all the way to -13°C from January 1st's -17°C. Ten days later it hit 15°C, and kept bouncing around like that all winter.

Last I saw, the NCDC predicted the coming winter would be normally wet and slightly warmer than most. I'd link to the page, but thanks to President Trump's infantile temper, I got this instead:

Thanks, Obama Trump!

* Yes, through some supernatural intervention we could have weather 22°C below predictions tonight or tomorrow, but I'm pretty confident the current forecast of -1°C is likelier.

Good riddance!

It's just past midnight in the island nation of Kiritimati (pronounced "Christmas"), which means 2016 has officially ended somewhere in the world. I am overjoyed. I just hope 2017 goes better for everyone, but with the least-qualified person in history about to become President, my hope has limits.

Happy new year, central Pacific island states!

Wait, it's still 2015 somewhere?

Sorry, Hawai'i. Your UTC-10 is a full day behind Kiritimati, where it's already coming up on Saturday. But happy new year regardless!

And to the few sailors and submariners hanging out in UTC-11, happy new year to you, too, in an hour or so.

Happy 2016!

It's already 6:30 am on Kiritimati (Christmas) Island. I was going to have The Daily Parker automatically wish Kiritimatians a happy new year right at midnight, but I didn't think about it early enough, clearly.

So: Happy new year, Kiribati, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Irkutsk, Singapore, and everywhere else whose time zone is east of UTC+7.

Expect some silliness in today's Daily Parker time stamps, starting with this one (published 31 December 2015 10:32 CST).