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Not my dogs

I just wanted to shout out to two dogs I've been able to hang out with this week. 

On Wednesday I watched my neighbors' dog Sophie for the day. She really didn't care that I don't allow dogs on the couch:

And yesterday, I hung out with this pretty girl:

I'm not ready to adopt another dog yet. But I'm glad my friends occasionally need dogsitting services.

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  • David Harper

    12/27/2020 9:03:29 AM +00:00 |

    After we had to say goodbye to our two beloved cats back in 2011, we started to get regular visits from one of our neighbours' cats.  He would sit at the door and miaow to be let in.  We didn't feed him, but he did spend a lot of time on our sofa in the evenings.  Eventually, his people re-homed him with friends out in the countryside, but we were glad to have had those few months with Reggie the visiting cat.  It helped us get over losing our own cats.

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