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Observatory House, Edinburgh

I only had a day in Edinburgh, and catching up with a friend I hadn't seen in three years took precedence over photography. I took a few dozen shots, but none except this really hit my standards:

That's the Observatory House atop Carlton Hill. It's hard to see the 30 km/h wind blowing us over in this photo, or my unbelievable jet lag, but I assure you, dear reader, both contributed to the dearth of good photography I produced Monday.

The last time I visited Edinburgh (in June 1992), I only had a few hours between trains to lug my backpack up and down the hills. And back then I shot Kodachrome at a dollar a shot.* (Later this weekend I'll post a one or two from that trip.) So I really haven't had enough time to explore either the city or the country on either of my two visits. I hope to really get a good look at Scotland some day, instead of all this mucking about getting to know the people who live there and winning trivia tournaments with old friends.**

* Adjusted for inflation.

** For my American readers, this is called "irony."

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