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Personal statistics for 2010

My year in numbers:

Air miles flown: 66,674
Flight segments: 50 (Of those, arriving or departing O'Hare: 43)
Countries visited: 7 (UK, India, Japan, China, Finland, Russia, Estonia)
Hours working for pay: 1,488
Hours working for free: 128
Hours working for school: 848
Hours walking Parker: 146[1]
Blog postings: 398
Photos taken: 4,633
CDs purchased: 12
Books read: 51
Movies watched: 61 (In theaters: only 8, sadly)

But really, the only statistic that matters is:

Duke MBAs earned: 1

[1] He got much more walking than just this. He and I were separated on and off for about four months total while I traveled last year.

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