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Side trips (Post-residency London)

I did three touristy things today: first, a stop at Westminster Palace for the official tour, during which I got to stand right in the Government benches in the House of Commons, less than a meter from where the P.M. sits when they're in session. No photographs allowed, I'm afraid; but now the whole setup makes a lot more sense to me. I'm all set for the resumption of Question Time, the comedy half-hour broadcast every Wednesday from the chamber.

Second, a direct boat trip down the Thames to Greenwich, with some wanderings through the Royal Observatory:

Finally, a trip out to Southend-on-Sea to see the sea. And, apparently, to get rained on; here's the storm blowing in:

In all, a very fun day with lots of walking. (I'll eventually put my Google Earth tracks up.)

Tomorrow: Cambridge.

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