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Only a few hours left

Polls close in Indiana and Kentucky in a little more than three hours. Big news starts to come at 6pm CT with Florida, Georgia, and Virginia; and at 7pm CT with Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I'll also be watching the Minnesota and New York results closely when they come in at 8pm CT: New York because it's kind of big (lots of blue Electoral Collegians) and Minnesota because I'm supporting Al Franken against Hofstra alumnus Norm Coleman.[1]

TPM Media has a cool interactive map showing the rest of the poll-closing times. (The Daily Parker just has that silly countdown in the upper-right corner.)


[1] At Hofstra, I researched an event in which Coleman played role. He nearly got expelled in 1970 for taking over the University Club in the wake of the Kent State shootings. When asked about the event, WRHU-FM General Manager Jeff Kraus looked up at his toothpick sculpture[2] thoughtfully and mused, "Norm Coleman...Norm Coleman...*sigh* Norm Coleman would be the head of any organization that would get him laid.

[2] Jeff would take the toothpicks out of his sandwiches and shoot them through a straw at the false ceiling. By the time I graduated the sculpture had grown to several hundred toothpicks.

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