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Technological purgatory for a day

From 5pm Thursday until 9pm Friday, machines hated me. I do not know why.

Thursday afternoon, I added my dear mother to my mobile phone plan. This is her first mobile phone. I suppose she was waiting until they perfected the technology. Clearly they haven't; but my carrier, T-Mobile, uses GSM technology, which is the most advanced available commercially at this time.

Clearly, however, giving my mother a mobile phone caused the Anti-Technology Gods to frown upon me.

First, T-Mobile deleted my voicemail account. I've been so busy, and as far as I could see no one left me any messages (because, you see...well, yes, you do see...), so I just discovered this now. So if you've called recently, and weren't able to leave a message, it's T-Mobile's fault.

Then there was the fritzy Webcam.

And to cap Erev New Year's Eve for me, SBC Global (now, apparently, part of AT&T again) dropped Inner Drive's DSL for five hours (to the minute, which is suspicious). They don't know why. Nor did the first two support techs believe me when I told them exactly which router was down. (I've been here before.)

Now, everything seems to be working. And the year is almost over. So, happy new year, and I hope the Anti-Technology Gods are appeased.

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