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Today's Daily Parker

Parker had a terrific time at day camp yesterday. The over-tired energy you sometimes see in puppies and children conquered his fatigue, so he spent an hour playing with my neighbor's toddlers, and then half an hour with this tennis ball:

Notice two things. First, he's not so much running as staring at the ball willing it to move. He did run at full-speed around the yard a few times, but perhaps because he was so tired, he seemed to have trouble with the concept of "ball." Second, though it's hard to see in this photo, the ball is now missing about a square centimeter of skin. I'm not sure where it went, but I would guess that the dog walker will find it this afternoon.

This morning he seemed groggier than I was. I think he wanted my coffee, but I didn't make enough. So you can watch him sleep all day on the ParkerCam.

Today's Daily Parker

The ParkerCam will not have anything interesting (i.e., Parker) to show today, since Parker has gone to day camp. Also, I don't have any new photos. So, once again, I present a Classic TDP, never before seen here, from the day after I met him:

Yes, he once was that tiny.

Deep dog doo

Heavy sigh.

Parker and I just got back from the vet, where we picked up a six-pack of prescription dog food and another vial of dog-odium. The dog-walker's note says it all: "No treat today. Parker had real bad butt today."

I give credit to Parker for his housekeeping, despite it all. He kept almost all of it inside his crate, and then carefully placed his blanket over it. But he still appeared to feel really, really guilty when I got home, so after carrying him outside, I gave him a good bit of praise. (This time I remembered to change my own clothes before picking him up.) And then he got a good, refreshing walk—to the vet.

The sad dog whines in the crate

All right, today I feel really bad for Parker. It's a beautiful day in Chicago, so I left the window open just above his crate. Instead of spending the day sleeping, the poor guy been staring out the window all day. I wish I could take him for a very long walk today but, alas, my client requires my presence 40 km away.

Notice the second image is three hours later:

The good part of this is, he'll probably sleep like a, well, like a dog tonight.

Update, 1:20pm: I believe the caption is, "I want my @%^!! WALK already!":

Update, 1:25pm: Oh, shit.

Final update, 2:25pm: Finally! But Parker feels bad, I feel bad, the dog walker feels bad, and there's a turd on my bedroom floor:

And I'm out here in West Bumble because...well, I'll be thinking about that on the hour-long drive home today.

Today's Daily Parker

While I'm working out here in Kyiv (actually Oak Brook, Ill.), Parker has to stay for hours on end in his crate. I feel bad about him being alone for so long (even though he gets walked around 1pm), but let's review why he's in a crate:

Tomorrow, though, the ParkerCam will be dark, because Parker gets to go to day care with his friends—and, more for my peace of mind, with the trainer who got him to understand the difference betwen me and the rest of his litter mates.

Also of note, a friend touring Thailand and environs called me this morning from Cambodia. That was really cool.

Today's Daily Parker

P-Dogg and I had a ball yesterday:

Chicago weather is truly wonderful. Yesterday Parker and I tossed this tennis ball around for half an hour, and yet only four days earlier it snowed. Parker, of course, does not care about the weather:

Nor does he consider, for a moment, where that tennis ball has been:

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