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About this Blog (v4.4.1)

Parker, 14 weeksI'm David Braverman, this is my blog, and Parker is my 10-year-old mutt. I last updated this About... page in April 2016, and a couple have things have changed (not least of which, all the internal links changed when the blog moved to BlogEngine 3 last October). So here's the update.

The Daily Parker is about:

  • Parker, my dog, whom I adopted on 1 September 2006.
  • Politics. I'm a moderate-lefty by international standards, which makes me a radical left-winger in today's United States.
  • The weather. I've operated a weather website for more than 16 years. That site deals with raw data and objective observations. Many weather posts also touch politics, given the political implications of addressing climate change, especially now that we have a climate denier in the Oval Office.
  • Chicago (the greatest city in North America), and sometimes London, San Francisco, and the rest of the world.
  • Photography. I took tens of thousands of photos as a kid, then drifted away from making art until early 2011 when I finally got the first digital camera I've ever had whose photos were as good as film. That got me reading more, practicing more, and throwing more photos on the blog. In my initial burst of enthusiasm I posted a photo every day. That frequency is incompatible with having a life, so I'm updating this category less frequently.

I also write a lot of software, and will occasionally post about technology as well. I've got more than 20 years experience writing the stuff. I'm a Principal Consultant with DevMynd in Chicago, and I own Inner Drive Technology, which has some interesting packages available on NuGet. I see a lot of code, and since I often get called in to projects in crisis, I see a lot of bad code, some of which may appear here. (I have an online resume, if you're curious.) 

I strive to write about these and other things with fluency and concision. "Fast, good, cheap: pick two" applies to writing as much as to any other creative process (cf: software). I hope to find an appropriate balance between the three, as streams of consciousness and literacy have always struggled against each other since the first blog twenty years ago.

If you like what you see here, you'll probably also like James Fallows, Josh Marshall, and Bruce Schneier. Even if you don't like my politics, you probably agree that everyone ought to read Strunk and White, and you probably have an opinion about the Oxford comma—punctuation de rigeur in my opinion.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy The Daily Parker.

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