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Warm and wet 2015

Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel lists all the records Illinois set last year:

  • The warmest December on record: 4.8°C, 5.9°C above average.
  • The second warmest September – December on record: 11.8°C, 2.7°C above average.
  • The 8th coldest February on record: -7.0°C, 6.4°C below average.
  • Annual: 11.6°C, 0.2°C above average (not ranked, but of interest)


  • The second wettest December on record 170.1 mm, 101.8 mm above average.
  • The wettest November-December on record: 312.4 mm, 156.2 mm above average.
  • The wettest June on record: 239.8 mm, 132.8 mm above average.
  • The 6th wettest year on record: 1232 mm, 217 mm above average.

So far, January is a little warmer than average. We'll see what El Niño brings later on.

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