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You'd never guess spring is 17 days away

We're having a very cold, very snowy February:

The average temperature for February 2021 so far is among the coldest ever when compared with monthly averages going back to 1875. Even if Chicago recorded normal temperatures for the rest of the month, 2021 would still rank in the top third of coldest Chicago Februaries.

When it comes to snow, 2021 is also ahead of the curve, with a total of 193 mm. Normally there would have been only 89 mm. It will take some work to catch up to the record snowiest February: 737 mm in 2011, the year of the “Snowmageddon” blizzard.

So far this February, our -9.0°C average temperature makes this month the 4th-coldest on record, and it feels even colder following January's above-normal -1.6°C average. Fun fact: February 2015 tied for the coldest on record (-9.7°C). Also fun fact: I'm really ready for spring.

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