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Updated statistics on the horror of it all

I posted a table about a week ago showing the number of American deaths per day from various disasters that we've had over our history. I did a bit more research, and we've had a lot more Covid-19 deaths, so I've updated the table:

  1. Average daily deaths from 1918 flu, October 1918: 6,290
  2. Galveston hurricane, 9 Sep 1900: ~6,000
  3. Battle of Antietam, 18 Sep 1862: 3,652
  4. Covid-19, 9 Dec 2020: 3,411
  5. Puerto Rico hurricane, 7 Aug 1899: 3,389
  6. Covid-19, 6 Apr 2020: 3,156
  7. San Francisco Earthquake, 18 Apr 1906: ~3,100
  8. Covid-19, 11 Dec 2020: 3,013
  9. Terrorist attacks, 11 Sep 2001: 2,996
  10. Covid-19, 3 Dec 2020: 2,861

Pearl Harbor, formerly 8th on this list, has dropped to 19th.

I also corrected the durations and total counts for this chart, which I've posted a few times. Note that Covid-19 is even more clearly the most deadly disaster in American history on an annualized basis, and the third worst catastrophe after our annual heart disease and cancer mortality:

And to think, if we'd had (a) leadership and (b) a more mature populace, we might have prevented most of those deaths.

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