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Astronomical math

My birthday is Saturday, but owing to leap years and that I was born early in the morning, I'm actually turning [redacted]—[REDACTED]!—at 9:09 am Chicago time tomorrow. See, Earth revolves around the Sun every 365.24217 days, you see, so if you take the time and date I was born ([redacted]-09-05T[redacted]) and add [redacted]*365.24217 days to it, you get 2020-09-04T14:09, give or take a few seconds.

So today is my last day in my [redacted - 10]s. And yet I don't feel a day over [fraction of redacted].

The only good news is, given my family genetics and my overall health right now, it's very likely I'll live another [redacted plus a few] years.

I had hoped for a big party, or barring that, a weekend in Europe...but hey, I haven't caught the plague yet.

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  • David Harper

    9/4/2020 8:33:02 AM +00:00 |

    A very happy completion-of-an-integer-number-of-mean-tropical-years, and may you enjoy many more of them.  I recently completed my third Metonic Cycle, but Hallmark inexplicably doesn't produce cards for such a significant anniversary, so I had to make do with regular birthday cards.

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