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More on Parliament vs the PM

More stories since yesterday about how Boris Johnson wants to wreck Britain:

Fun times, fun times.

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  • David Harper

    8/30/2019 5:59:06 AM +00:00 |

    The Guardian reports this morning that three separate legal challenges have been filed with the courts in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England respectively, the latter by Gina Miller, whose earlier legal challenge compelled then-PM Theresa May to obtain Parliament's approval to invoke Article 50.

    And there's also a petition at the Parliament petitions web site calling for prorogation to be cancelled.  It drew over a million signatures in the 24 hours following Johnson's announcement, and currently stands at over 1.5 million, which makes it one of the top petitions submitted to the U.K. Parliament.  The Government has ignored previous such petitions, including the one earlier this year that drew over 6 million signatures and called for Article 50 to be revoked, so it's mainly symbolic.

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