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Morning links

I didn't have a chance to read these yesterday:

Now I'm off to work. The heat wave of the last few days has finally broken!

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  • David Harper

    7/6/2018 1:47:14 PM +00:00 |

    Apropos propeller-driven aircraft: Alaska Airlines still flies them between Seattle and Spokane.  The engine/propeller noise in the cabin can be annoying, but they are great little planes for a short commuter route like that, and flying time is rarely more than an hour anyway.  Alaska overcomes the lack of overhead baggage space by allowing passengers to drop off their larger carry-on bags as they board the plane (the old-fashioned way, on the tarmac, up a flight of mobile steps), then collect them at the bottom of the steps at the other end.  Their fleet is painted with the logos of universities in the Washington/Idaho/Oregon region, which is another nice touch.

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