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Second, third, and fourth looks

Every so often I like to revisit old photos to see if I can improve them. Here's one of my favorites, which I took by the River Arun in Amberley, West Sussex, on 11 June 1992:

The photo above is one of the first direct-slide scans I have, which I originally published here in 2009, right after I took this photo at nearly the same location:

(I'm still kicking myself for not getting the angle right. I'll have to try again next time I'm in the UK.)

Those are the photos as they looked in 2009. Yesterday, during an extended internet outage at my house, I revisited them in Lightroom. Here's the 1992 shot, slightly edited:

And the 2009 shot, with slightly different treatment:

A side note: I did revisit Amberley in 2015, but I took the path up from Arundel instead of going around the northern path back into Amberley as in 2009, so I didn't re-shoot the bridge. Next time.

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  • David Harper

    5/29/2018 7:42:27 AM +00:00 |

    Is it the angle, though?  The lighting in your 1992 photograph is better, as the sunlight and shadows bring out the fine details of the bridge's architecture.  It looks as if you visited on a cloudy day in 2009, so the lighting gave a much flatter look to the whole composition.

    The edited 1992 photograph does have a much warmer feel to it than the original.  I wonder whether some of the dyes in the slide may have changed in the intervening 28 years?

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