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Spring is here

Which explains why it's just above freezing and pissing with rain.

Yesterday the temperature dropped from 15°C to 5°C in about 90 minutes as a cold front swept in from the north. Today we're living with the result.

Oddly, though, the current temperature (3°C) isn't that far from the normal March 1st temperature (4°C). So perhaps we shouldn't complain. But that taste of spring we got earlier this week made us all anxious for the real thing.

It's Chicago. The weather will change in a day or two.

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  • David Harper

    3/1/2018 7:31:52 PM +00:00 |

    Britain is currently in the grip of a prolonged period of extremely cold weather.  Here in Cambridge, the overnight temperature has been below -5 C for a couple of nights, and today's high was -2 C, combined with a bitterly cold easterly wind which made it feel more like -10 C.  Parts of the country are under an unprecedented "red alert" winter weather warning from the Met Office, which means stay home for your own safety.  And yet today is the "first day of Spring".  This astronomer plans to wait until the equinox on the 20th before changing into his Spring wardrobe.

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