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The peasants have no bread

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan tweeted early yesterday the great news about the tax breaks ordinary people are experiencing:

Never mind all the Democrats who call the GOP’s tax bill a deficit-busting giveaway to the rich; House Speaker Paul D. Ryan has been enthusiastically promoting it as a middle-class tax windfall.

He’s been coaching other Republican lawmakers to sell the $1.5 trillion tax cut to voters, and telling people on Twitter to check their paychecks for wage hikes. The bill — which was deeply unpopular when it passed along party lines in December — is now breaking even in a new opinion poll.

So Saturday morning, by way of good news, Ryan’s Twitter account shared a story about a secretary taking home a cool $6 a month in tax savings.

Wow. An extra $1.50 a week will make a huge difference to that taxpayer. That might even let her eat cake.

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  • Mary Saint

    2/5/2018 7:49:54 PM +00:00 |

    Paul Ryan is disconnected from the economic reality of the poor.  GOP Tax Scam tosses stale cake crumbs onto pavement for the majority of Americans.  The wealthy jet off with trillions in benefits.  Income inequality widens as democracy faces another Republican assault.  Will our beloved country survive?

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