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It mights gonna to be a bit vindy

As I mentioned earlier, there's a light breeze:

It's so windy that the Randolph Street Bridge is closed. Cromidas saw this too. Officials told her they were worried debris from a nearby construction site (the same one where a wall collapse a few months ago) would be blown into traffic. Fire officials tweeted that building occupants at 150, 180 and 191 N. Wacker Drive were all evacuated because of debris falling from the construction site at 150 N. Riverside.

It's so windy that a woman almost blew away trying to get into a cab. NBC caught her ordeal on tape.

O'Hare's 4pm reading had winds down to 55 km/h with gusts of only 83 km/h. So conditions are improving a bit... Plus, it's still 11°C outside.

Parker is freaking out because wind makes a lot of scary noise (to a dog, anyway), and he's now stress-farting, so we're going for a walk. I'm a little disappointed that temperatures will return to seasonal chills by Monday, too. So make hay while the wind blows at 52 knots, right?

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