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Josh Marshall is angry

And so am I, about the immorality of the right's evolution on their pro-gun message:

As I wrote on Friday, the craze to refuse to name the names of mass shooters is a grand form of evasion. Unable to address the actual causes of mass gun violence we stumble around for some feel-good nonsense that allows us to pretend we're taking action. But you can see the same drive expanding in other directions as well: even to the level of blaming the victims themselves.

It's amazing that we're actually getting to the point of blaming the victims of these massacres. That's really what it is. There's no hyperbole about identifying this. Carson is saying that these 9 people and the others who were injured but didn't die just didn't get their shit together quick enough to do something.

On the same topic, Ed Kilgore takes another whack at the Cult of the Second Amendment:

the default position of conservatives has less and less to do with arguments about the efficacy of gun regulation or the need for guns to deter or respond to crime. Instead, it’s based on the idea that the main purpose of the Second Amendment is to keep open the possibility of revolutionary violence against the U.S. government.

This was once an exotic, minority view even among gun enthusiasts who tended to view the Second Amendment as protecting an individual right to gun ownership not to overthrow the government but to supplement the government’s use of lethal force against criminals. Treating the Second Amendment as an integral legacy of the American Revolution appealed to gun rights advocates who sought firm ground against regulations with no possibility of compromise.

But more importantly, it gave a dangerous edge to the claims of conservative extremists—who recently began calling themselves “constitutional conservatives”—that their ideology of absolute property rights, religious rights and even fetal rights had been permanently established by the Founders who added in the Second Amendment to ensure any trespassing on their “design” by “tyrants” or popular majorities could and should be resisted.

White, male, right wingers are afraid of something they can't stop: demographics. They're unable to adapt to the world as it is and they're becoming irrelevant. That fear is fueling this insane drive to arm up in defense against a revolution that they, themselves, are most likely to start.

Meanwhile, the guns these people are collecting have become a menace to society unlike anything we've experienced, to the point where we collectively shake our heads when a fifth-grader shoots a second-grader over a puppy. And still these nut jobs think the problem is the government.

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