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I can live with that

At the new Inner Drive Technology World Headquarters, we have Xfinity Internet provided by Comcast. In the last couple of weeks, citing competition from just about everyone, Comcast upgraded Internet speeds in many of their markets, including Chicago:

Comcast announced Monday that it is raising the speed of its Blast Internet service to 75 Mbps, at no additional charge. The 50 percent increase will benefit about half of the company's high-speed Internet customers in Chicago, effective immediately.

For customers who need more than "extreme" speeds, Comcast is also launching the previously announced Gigabit Pro service, which delivers 2 Gbps upload and download speeds. That is 4 times faster than the top Internet speeds previously offered in Chicago by Comcast. The service requires installation of professional grade equipment outside and inside the home, and costs about $299 per month, a big jump in price as well as speed.

Well, I don't have gigabit speeds, but I do have this as of last night:

Yeah, OK. That'll work for now.

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