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Possession is not occupation

This is my past night in the place I've lived for more than seven years, and it's a disaster area.

I take legal possession of my new place in a little more than three hours, but all my stuff is not magically being transported there. I've spent the better part of today packing, using Cleveland Indians Duck tape to mark which drawers and closets are empty (file under "moving randomness"), so now every time I need something I realize it's in one of these boxes. Bollocks.

Under the heading, "This, By You, Is A Problem?", I've already transferred my Internet connection to the new place, so I can't even stream a movie. Of course, I can update my blog from my phone, so it's still the future.

Transitions are good. Transitions are growth. The process of transition sucks.

Next update from Inner Drive Technology World Headquarters 4.0, sometime tomorrow or Monday.

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