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The big announcement

I've gotten an offer I couldn't refuse.

Starting January 5th, I'll be the Chief Technology Officer of Holden International.

Holden has a deep technology strategy for 2015 and beyond. As the guy who (with 10th Magnitude) developed a good hunk of their existing technology, they had me as their first choice for this new role. I'm beyond excited to be working with them again.

It's kind of weird to be leaving West Monroe Partners after such a short tenure. Really, I can't think of better circumstances for my departure, though. I've learned a ton working for them; I'm conveniently between projects, so no one will be left hanging; and I've built close relationships here that will last years. Plus, I'm probably bringing a small WMP team on for a specific project in January, so everyone wins.

I'll have a lot more to say about my new gig once things take off after the new year. Keep watching this space.

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