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Toronto: looks like Chicago, but has Detroit politicians

Sometimes, Canadians and Americans seem so much alike. The problem becomes trying to determine which Americans and Canadians you mean.

Exhibit: Police in Toronto have recovered a video they allege shows mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. (Ford's lawyer said it was pot—even though weed may also be illegal in Ontario.)

A friend who lives there just sent me new polling data that shows Canadians have a sense of humor:

A new poll released Friday shows Mayor Rob Ford’s approval rating has actually climbed since the announcement by Police Chief Bill Blair that a highly reported video does exist.

The Forum Research poll taken on Thursday shows that Mayor Ford’s approval rating has climbed slightly, sitting at 44 percent.

[Poll spokesperson Lorne Bozinoff added,] “We asked if he should resign or not, a large majority, 60 percent said yes.”

The poll also revealed that a staggering 98 percent of the people polled had heard about the alleged crack video.

No word from the pollsters whether people approve of Ford strictly for entertainment value.

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