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Sunniest stretch in two years

In Chicago, we take these things seriously:

Not since October 2011 have four consecutive 100% sunny days occurred in Chicago. Through Thursday, three days of unlimited sun have entered the record books.

Our forecast of another day of abundant sun Friday could challenge that record.

To date, September’s generated 69% of its possible sun—more than the 64% which is normal!

Of course, in a state with a majority of its gross domestic product coming from agriculture, there's a downside:

The US Drought Monitor released their latest report this morning. It showed that drought has continued to expand in Illinois. The two areas to note are: 1) an expanded area of D2 “severe drought” in central Illinois, and 2) an expanded area of D0 “abnormally dry” into southern Illinois.

Any precipitation at this point will have very limited benefit to the corn and soybean crops because most fields are nearing maturity. However, precipitation would benefit pastures as well as begin the recovery process for soil moisture that is key to the upcoming winter wheat crop and next year’s growing season. The next chance for precipitation in Illinois is on Saturday and Sunday as a cold front moves through the state.

Still, lunch today will be taken on the veranda.

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