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How to lose sleep one build at a time

While trying to move a customer's app into the cloud yesterday (and well into this morning), I encountered a problem that doesn't make any sense. I now very much want to find the guys who wrote Microsoft Azure's error handling and punch them in their faces.

When you access an Azure storage container, you have to use only lower-case letters, or Azure will throw a StorageClientException with the thoroughly unhelpful message "One of the request inputs is out of range." So, in all the code I've written that uses Azure storage, it makes sure everything that needs to be lower-case is actually lower-case.

So why am I getting the exception now? No one seems to know.

Worse, the exception only happens in actual deployments, not in the Azure emulator (which you use to test your code on your own computer).

I hope to have this figured out soon. Because I'd really like to get some sleep.

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