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Officially hotter than hell

The temperature in downtown Chicago edged up to 100°F (38°C) this afternoon:

At 2:23 pm the temperature at Midway Airport as measured by observer Frank Wachowski reached 37.83°C . Last summer Midway recorded triple-digits on two occasions: July 20, 37.8°C, and July 21, 38.3°C. On both of those days the city's official thermometer at O'Hare International Airport peaked at 37.2°C.

So far today O'Hare's temperature has peaked at 37.2°C but should reach 37.8°C or higher later this afternoon. The city's last official 37.8°C day was on July 24, 2005 when the mercury hit 38.9°C.

I really don't want to go outside...but I have to go home at some point. Maybe I'll do an impromptu pub crawl to and from the El...

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