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Overheard at Peet's

I'm at the Peet's Coffee in Half Moon Bay, Calif., while the rest of the family slowly starts their days. In the past hour I've heard the following:

  • "All meditation techniques are awesome."—60-something woman
  • "What I really need is someone who's good at syndicating real-estate investments."—the same woman three minutes later
  • "If you eat something that only eats vegetarians, that's still vegetarian."—man of unknown vintage wearing dark sunglasses and a pony tail, trying to work out why the Jewish clerk didn't have (a) Christmas dinner or (b) crab meat yesterday

I think the clerk had more difficulty working out how crab meat got involved than how someone living outside San Francisco in the 21st Century failed to grasp the relevance of Christmas to non-Christians. Apparently the latter happens all the time.

Then there's this Captcha I just encountered, which did its job so well it prevented a non-automated system (me) from proceeding:

(This may have been the vendor's attempt at Hanukkah humor.)

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