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Still more Hofstra photos

In my final installment from beautiful Hempstead, N.Y., I present two buildings that sprouted from parking lots. This one, behind Emily Lowe Hall, sits in what used to be the faculty parking lot south of Weed[1] and Adams. So far, no one has coughed up the requisite millions to rename it, so it's called "New Academic Building:"

Seriously, I'm not making up the name:

For comparison, here's a photograph taken from above the Hofstra Fair in May 1992. The new building in the photos above is in the parking lot in the lower right corner of this shot:

Here's the current campus map of the location:

Then, on North Campus, sprouting like a boxy steel weed from what used to be the best parking spaces on campus, is "Graduate Residence Hall:"

Another map inset for y'all:

And the "before" photo:

I might post a few more photos from the 1990s later. But for now, I think I'm all Hofstraed out.

Yes, Hofstra has a Weed Hall. No, they didn't put the chemistry department there.

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