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Culture Dash (Shanghai residency day 2)

Due to an unexpected attrition of Flip cameras[1], several teams (including mine) set off on the Shanghai Culture Dash without them. This turned out to be liberating: between the six of us, we had four video-capable cameras, so we got more than 80 minutes of video. I'm especially pleased that we got two 10-minute interviews with multiple cameras. That will make the final product a lot more watchable—and audible, I think.

We actually dashed over much of the same ground I explored Thursday and Friday, including the Bund, the Old Town, and Nanjiang Road. This time, in Old Town, we went through Yuyuan Gardens:

This, I think, sums up Shanghai:

(When I get home, I'll try to find a similar vista in Old Town, Chicago; I'm sure one exists.)

[1] Of 20, somehow only 12 got turned in to the program. Three people admitted forgetting them at home. That leaves 5 unaccounted for. Oops.

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